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Office ProOffice ProOffice Chairs

OFFICE PRO stands for office chairs and other office accessories.

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ExnerExnerManager Office Furniture

EXNER is the trademark of presentable office furniture.

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Office Containers - Everything Stored and Always At Hand

Office Containers

  • Central Lock
  • Thoroughy Equipped with ABS Edges


The basic carcass material is the 18 mm thick high quality veneered particle board. To ensure long durability, we used a 25 mm thick board for the upper carcass part. The 2 mm ABS edge on both the upper and lower parts of the carcass is a quality protection against damage.

We are aware of demands for ensuring the safety of container contents, and thus we have implemented central locking systems into most of them. It is enough to lock one drawer and simultaneously, you lock all other drawers, too. Positioning the container on a foot adjusts the container height to the desk level. This enhances the working area of the desk set.


Drawers are made of plastic which is easily washable and suitable for simple maintenance. The drawers face sides are made of 18 mm thick quality particle board and are equipped with a resistant 2 mm ABS edge which guarantees a sufficient protection against mechanic and dynamic damage. The upper drawer contains an organizer and division bars. Your pencils, clips and other office supplies will always be tidily ordered. You can also buy these practical accessories on their own.

The integrated STOP-CONTROL system in the locking mechanism prevents the container from tipping over and from your hands being accidentally squeezed by the drawer. The system ensures than when one drawer opens, all other drawers are automatically blocked.

Note: The economic K 23 model includes neither the STOP-CONTROL system, nor the lock.