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STRONG Cabinets - Shelves with High Bearing Capacity and Solid Construction

STRONG Cabinets

  • Door Dampers
  • Solid Construction
  • Shelf Bearing Capacity 80 kg


We offer carcasses with the height of 76.8 cm, 115.2 cm or 192 cm and with the width of 40 cm or 80 cm; their depth is 40 cm. The main benefit of HOBIS Strong cabinets is the solid and robust carcass construction which complies with the following Czech standards: ČSN EN 14073–2, ČSN EN 14073–3, ČSN EN 14749, ČSN EN 14749, ČSN 910001 and ČSN 910100.

For their production we selected quality veneered particle board and we offer in eight color shades. The top and bottom are 25 mm thick and on the face side, they have a 2 mm ABS edge which protects them from damage. The other visible edges of the carcass are protected by a 1 mm thick ABS edge. Side panels are 18 mm thick and the back panel is 8 mm thick. Moreover, the back panel has face surface from both sides so that you can use these cabinets as a space division element. The solid materials and quality hinges come exclusively from the European Union. The sophisticated construction and precise production ensure the absolute solidity of our Strong cabinets.


The uncontested variability and bearing capacity of our shelves are the main advantages of shelves in HOBIS Strong cabinets.

Shelves are 25 mm thick, and this allows the exquisite bearing capacity of 80 kg, which is certified by a Czech state examination institution according to Czech standards ČSN EN 14727 and ČSN 910001.

The basic height of the storage space is adjusted to the height of standard files. If necessary, you can change the position of shelves and modify the space according to your needs. We focus on the safety of our furniture and require that safety standards are met, so we secured the shelves against accidental shifting. Shelves in cabinets are also coated with a solid 2 mm ABS edge which guarantees sufficient protection against damage.


Embedding doors between the top and bottom of the carcass gave us a practical and at the same time visually attractive solution. You can also select a glass framed doors for your Strong cabinets. Solid doors have a 2 mm ABS edge and you do not need to fear any damage. If you decide to have a glass door, it is up to you whether the door will be made of plain or milky glass. Do you want to have something more special? Milky glass in impressive aluminum frames are here exactly for you. All doors are assembled using quality ironmongery and Blum hinges which have a lifelong guarantee. Silent and fluent closing is provided by door dampers and damping pads.

We also offer tambour door cabinets which have an impressive look and are provided with a reliable opening mechanism.

You can place the cabinets on a 5 cm high base, use foot adjusters (3 or 5 cm) or use 5 cm high design metal feet. Feet are not a part of the package and you need to order them separately.

To deliver your order safely to your office, we deliver our cabinets unassembled, in a few independent, safely packaged packets. Every package contains concise instructions for a fast and easy assembly.